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Alibaba International Station Foreign Trade Home Furniture Market Status

Alibaba International Station Foreign Trade Home Furniture Market Status

 Is alibaba international station done well now?

First, relatively easy to do. No platform is easy to do, but compared with the past or the future, it will be easier to enter the international station in the past two years, and the bonus period is estimated to be maintained for two years, for the following four reasons.

Opportunities: the global supply order is reconstructed, the epidemic situation in developed international stations tends to ease, and the epidemic situation in developing countries cannot be controlled. China was the first to fully resume work and has become the world’s largest exporter of supplies since the outbreak turned around.

Opportunity 2: industries reshuffle the “leftover” for the king. Industry buyer demand redistribution (similar to 2008 financial crisis)

Opportunity 3: Traditional offline to accelerate the shift online. Offline channels shut down, global enterprises flock to online business, online procurement habits precipitate and thinking solidified, the traditional offline business will be like people.

Opportunity 4: B2B social media business model explosion. During the epidemic period, the number of FB video views increased by 10 times, driving the influx of new buyer groups such as B2B live streaming with goods online celebrity economy, new social networking, short video, live streaming with goods, cloud exhibition and so on. The primary platform that these new groups purchase is Alibaba international station!

To sum up, it is relatively easy to enter Alibaba international station in the past two years.

Ii. How to enter Alibaba International Station:

1. International Station Fees:

29,800 basic members per year; Senior member 80,000 / year. No deposit required. Other fees are common through train 10,000 charge. The basic settlement plan is: 29,800 membership fee + 10,000 pre-charging through train = 39,800.

In addition, the potential costs: transaction fees will be charged through Alibaba platform, which is called xinsure transaction fees. The seller shall bear the credit guarantee transaction service fee and charge 2% of the actual amount of the order, capped at USD 100. If you use Ali platform for optional logistics, 1% will be charged, capped at USD 100.

2, international station entry conditions: to open an international station to have a business license (self-employed, trading companies without factories can also), legal person ID card, real office address (residential can also).

3. Settlement process of international station:

① The local customer manager makes an appointment at the door ② reviews the qualification and communicates the settlement plan ③ The customer manager opens the account and the customer logs in to confirm the plan and makes the payment.

Post time: May-14-2022