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Classification of rattan furniture

Classification of rattan furniture

Outdoor furniture: such as garden, veranda-side decoration of the small round table, backrest chair, chaise, and swing type sofa armchair; Living room furniture: rattan art furniture is the most perfect, the most style, a set of red rattan core woven into the living room furniture, delicate, smooth, modeling and color strive to primitive, fully show the beauty of the process; Dining room furniture: such as five and seven sets of coarse rattan chairs, tables, novel shape, full of the atmosphere of The Times; There are beds, benches, cabinets, boxes, tables, screens, benches and other categories.

Tips for buying rattan furniture

Choose famous factories and shops to buy rattan furniture. Due to the particularity of rattan furniture material and process, some professional rattan furniture manufacturers choose imported bentonite with good quality, and then after high temperature sterilization and disinfection treatment, the rattan raw materials are drawn into a certain length and thickness specifications with the machine, which are manufactured by trained workers according to the design scheme of designers and craftsmen, and then sprayed with advanced polyester oil for rattan art furniture configuration after forming.

After choosing a good product, you want to personally sit up to try, whether there is shaking or stress is too heavy there is a crunch sound.

Check the joints for firmness.

Rattan furniture


China’s furniture industry has experienced the first period of rapid development. Based on volume expansion, it has initially established a complete industrial system with complete categories and international standards. The products can meet the needs of People’s Daily life and the needs of the international market. In the next 5 to 10 years, under the background of the international furniture industry transfer, China’s furniture industry will usher in the second period of rapid development. This period is not mainly in the quantity of expansion, but in the quality of improvement.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Chinese government has proposed to accelerate the pace of urbanization and small urbanization construction, comprehensively prosperity of rural economy, accelerate the process of urbanization, in order to further stimulate the consumer market and expand the consumption area. This move by the state is bound to further promote the construction of housing in China, thus enabling the development of housing-related industries. According to the social needs and development needs, The State Council put forward the housing industrialization, which will drive the standardization, serialization and industrialization of tens of thousands of products supporting the housing. Due to the development of housing industrialization, housing as a commodity into the market, for all kinds of furniture and supporting products to provide space for development. China’s furniture industry has a huge market potential.

Post time: Nov-17-2022