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Empty nest decorating ideas: try designing a spare room

When your child moves into a dorm, you can start redevelopment of his room, but still leave him a place to relax. Once your kids graduate from college or even move into a new home, the spare room is completely up to you. Converting a spare room into a new one can be exciting. For some older people or those who don’t know much about home decorating, redecorating is a tough job.
There are many possibilities now, but before you continue, find out if these rooms are for your hobby or for work. Check out Povison’s decorating ideas to turn a spare bedroom into a larger room.
Hobby or workshop: what is your hobby? Where can you showcase your hobby or creativity? Drawing, making jewelry or sewing… it would be great if you could turn an empty nest into a full-fledged space according to your hobby! However, you should bring some household items in case of trouble during your free time. For example, easy-care furniture, floors and walls are important for people who love to paint and work with wood, which generate a lot of paint and wood dust.
Home theater: Turning a spare room into a home theater is fantastic. Turn your wall into a large TV screen or projector screen. What a great way to equip this room with smart furniture and multifunctional items! Find a big screen wall and place a projector TV stand on it to strike a balance between style and function. And in such a home theater it is very convenient to put a chic coffee table with a refrigerator. For movie-watching comfort, consider deep-seat sofas and sun loungers.
Mini-library or study nook: install wall-to-wall bookshelves, install floor lamps or table lamps, place a comfortable chair or armchair for an academic and quiet reading room. The habit of constant learning can help improve your retirement life.
Home Gym: Indoor gyms allow you to continue your workout at home. Design a large floor-to-ceiling mirror so you can view your athletic position from all angles. Inside, treadmills, yoga mats, dumbbells, etc. are placed to create an athletic atmosphere that permeates the entire space.
Guest Room: If your family is hospitable and often spends time with friends, a guest room may be the best option and the easiest way to refurbish a spare room. You can continue to use your child’s old bed and chest of drawers with a simple makeover.
Nursery: Create the perfect room for your grandchildren to strengthen family bonds. Considering the interior design and your child’s preferences, bring in a crib or single bed for teenagers, a desk or play table, Disney dolls and more. In addition, you can arrange the space according to your own design and express love and warmth to your grandchildren.
Home office: Some people need space for urgent offers, e-mails, communication with clients from home. Moreover, more and more people are doing live broadcasts from home, and working from home has become a necessity. A comfortable and professional workplace should include a desk with a chair, a small sofa with a side table, or an armchair. In fact, you can add other sections as needed.
Dressing room or dressing room: how nice it is for women to have a dressing room. The bathroom can be modified to make dressing and make-up easier. Free up space in the master bedroom by moving the walk-in closet to a spare room. To complete your dressing and makeup process, customize your dressing table and nightstand according to your personal usage habits.
Multi-Purpose Room: If you only have one empty room, but have tons of design ideas, why not turn it into a multi-purpose room? It can be flexibly used as a temporary bedroom, study, music room and gym. First, combine the characteristics of various rooms, and then arrange the necessary furniture and appliances. Keep the room clean and fresh by throwing away what you don’t need. Bring the folding bed frame indoors, or simply remove the bed frame and use the folding mattress as a sleeping place. Also, go to the long table with the movable mirror, isn’t it just a writing desk and dressing table?
I hope these room decorating ideas from Povison www.povison.com inspire you. If you only have a small spare room, you can still make the most of it. Choose the right room idea and start with measurements to design a new room that you will enjoy every day.

Post time: Dec-04-2022