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If you are anything like me, then you are very proud of your game battlefields and workstations, especially if you work from home, and this is an eternal battle, and the task is to maintain order in the area. From maximizing desk space to hiding those pesky cables.
Home offices proliferated and people had to set up what was once an office workstation and replicate it at home. There are different types of laptop/desktop combinations with different numbers of monitors and of course more cables. Keeping your workplace clean and tidy can often boost your productivity, as decluttering and cleaning promotes positive thinking and generates energy.
Everyone has a different setup, whether it be the number of desks, computer towers on or under the desk, and of course, the number of gadgets and peripherals you have. But all installations have one thing in common: they must all be located close to the power source and have a lot of cables and connections.
The first thing you can do is organize your cables. Try to group all the cables together, run them neatly or hide them. There are many products available to help you with this task, from cable ties to cable shoes and even small cable management trays under your desk.
Fabric cable ties are a great way to tie cables together. They are very easy to use and reuse, which is handy when you need to make changes like adding or removing cables for new peripherals.
Other great cable management options include a material or plastic cable jacket. They can be cut to length and give the cable bundle a neat look. The third option is a cable tray that you attach to the table with small clips so there is no need to drill holes or damage the table. Below are some great examples of these products.
And the table itself? Start by properly storing items that shouldn’t be on your desk. Some shelves, perforated panels, or drawers provide great storage options and help reduce clutter.
Choosing wireless peripherals will reduce the number of cables connected to your computer and keep your desk looking clean and tidy. For your setup, wireless devices have a lot to offer. Why not check out our best wireless mice or best wireless keyboards for ideas and tips.
If you can’t avoid a lot of wired devices, you might want to consider a USB hub. If your PC is under your desk, connecting a hub to your PC will not only reduce clutter, but also save you the hassle of crawling under your desk, especially if your computer doesn’t have many USB ports. Visit our best USB hubs page to see what type of hub might suit your needs.
Is your monitor placed on a table with a stand or stand? If so, you can use the Vesa mount to secure the monitor to your arm, freeing up a lot of space. A large number of monitors are compatible with the Vesa mount system, and there is a large selection of monitor mounts available.
These mounting devices can also be mounted on your desk, which is great for those who can’t mount it on a wall in a rented space or don’t want to drill holes in their desk. However, you need to check the size and weight of your monitor and compare it with the specifications of your monitor stand to make sure it can support the monitor size you choose.
Some brackets even come with a laptop stand that helps keep your work laptop on your desk when connected to a monitor, so you have more flexibility in how you set it up. We even have a guide for setting up a desktop stand for your monitor.
All of these options can help keep your computer desk clutter-free and give you more room to work, but don’t forget that there may be a few extras on your desk. Eyeglass cases, microfiber cloths, pens, laptops, and headphones are all part of your workstation ecosystem—just try not to let too many little things accumulate over time.
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Post time: Dec-25-2022