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Global search + Haige growth, to create foreign trade online promotion matrix, open the efficient customer mode!

Global search+ Haige growth, to create foreign trade online promotion matrix, open the efficient customer mode!

          More and more Chinese foreign trade export enterprises are complaining: customer inquiries are less and less, customer quality is lower and lower; Domestic peers vicious competition, order transaction profit is lower and lower; New customer acquisition is more and more difficult, old customers are more and more unstable… And so on.

          The reason is that traditional B2B platforms such as Alibaba, Made in China and exhibitions are all passive waiting for customers. We wait for product inquiry and goods selection from foreign customers in limited media resources, while salesmen have formed the habit of waiting for customers, and whether there are customers depends on the company’s advertising investment.

          Into the subject of the outbreak in 2020 after the era of foreign trade, a lot of electricity transformation, the traditional foreign trade factory started online, because of the high under the “admission” and the outbreak of electric business platform and social platform rein of advertising information, a lot of people, start targeting at independent stand, make the independent station appear the situation of fire explosion in 2020. But the establishment of an independent station is only 20% of online foreign trade promotion!

So how to find the correct promotion matrix of foreign trade enterprises online, so as to enhance the exposure of enterprises’ products in overseas, obtain accurate buyer resources, and harvest stable inquiries and orders?

        The establishment of independent websites is only 20% of online foreign trade promotion, but it is also the most important part, because 1 independent websites are the foundation, the source, the foundation of all online transformation, the best means for enterprises to show their own strength, and the content front to continuously improve the overseas influence of enterprises. Foreign trade enterprises want to achieve the depth of online layout, a marketing international independent station is essential!

1. Establishment time, RESEARCH and development strength, product appearance, product type, product service…… Should be established in their own private domain flow pool, so that their products serve their own brand, do not let their products in other platforms are compared.

2. Use Google promotion to achieve efficient exposure of private domain traffic pool — International independent station has been established, but if we want to let more overseas buyers know our products, we need to use Google’s power, as the world’s largest search engine, its market share is far ahead. For foreign trade enterprises, Google SEO+SEM traffic method is the most cost-effective promotion strategy. Phasing it out and moving at the right time will help companies get effective inquiries in the short term, unlimited expansion of brand value in the long term and access to free mass traffic from Google.

Use AI data function to achieve anti – reconnaissance

3. When traffic floods into our independent station, we are no longer the traditional “waiting for rabbit”, the depth of visitors’ visit, visit details, visit time, visit identity…… Should do know! Especially in the current Internet atmosphere with explosive information flow, passive marketing will no longer continue to play a dominant role, while active marketing actively develops AI intelligent products with the most advantages, such as AI user portrait, AI business search, social data retrieval and other functions to achieve efficient customer acquisition.

4. Leverage Haigh growth for a turnaround. With overseas social media as the background, making enterprise products social is both an opportunity and a challenge for China’s export enterprises. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social media are also very strict “entry” criteria, foreign trade enterprises without experience in social media operation, if they want to use social media platforms to enter the market, it is inevitable that they will suffer a lot of setbacks. However, many foreign trade enterprises are still willing to fight for the dividends in the field of social media and the massive potential customer resources.

HaGro Hague growth, as a industry social big data based on active customer products, the potential value of the social dividend released in full, only 3 step operation, without social media operating experience, can help achieve social information industry foreign trade enterprises of precise control, social media on the latest industry customers purchase demand, one of the most popular procurement requirements, The hottest product trend, Haig Growth, is under control! Full range of online depth layout, need more long-term, more wise promotion thinking, only to land in one place or did not form a complete promotion matrix, online, will only do more and more difficult, more difficult to surprise! Global search + Hage growth will promote foreign trade, the most basic content, the most professional technology, the most fresh play all integrated into it, to achieve marketing, re-marketing, active development of the whole process link.

If your business is always complaining that it’s getting harder to do online!

If your business can’t find an efficient way to get customers online!

If your enterprise can not find the promotion focus!

If you don’t have a deep online layout!


Post time: Jun-21-2022