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Home and furniture prices are rising, wages can’t keep up

File-In a file photo on this Friday, May 22, 2020, a sold sign hangs in front of a house in Brighton, New York.The coronavirus pandemic has helped shape the real estate market by affecting everything from the direction of mortgage rates to housing inventory.The type of housing and the location required by the market.(AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey, file)
Tampa, Florida (WFLA)-According to Realtor.com’s 2022 National Housing Forecast, income levels are rising, but housing and rent costs are also rising.The question is, does the increase in wages match the rising cost of renting or buying a house?
The latest consumer price index report released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that furniture prices have risen by 11.8%.Bedroom furniture rose nearly 10%, and living room, kitchen and dining room furniture rose 14.1%.All other furniture has increased by 9%.Nationally, the overall inflation rate is 6.8%.
In short, just to get a new residence, the upfront cost of becoming a new homeowner will be higher.Even after you buy a new house, it’s more expensive to fill it with things that make the house a home.
After the inventory of available homes has fallen by nearly 20% in 2021, Realtor.com predicts that inventory will increase by only 0.3% in 2022.In contrast, Realtor.com’s research shows that a series of double-digit increases in the cost of buying a house began in August 2020.Prior to this, the site said it was growing by 4% to 7% annually.
According to forecasts, a “competitive seller’s market” for first-time home buyers may cause demand to exceed inventory growth, thereby pushing up home purchase prices.BLS stated that although remote work has become more common due to the transformation of the COVID-19 pandemic, wages have not kept up with the pace of price changes.
Realtor.com’s forecast predicts that “affordability will become increasingly challenging as interest rates and prices rise,” but moving to more remote work may make it easier for young buyers to buy homes.
The website predicts that house sales will increase by 6.6% in 2022, with buyers paying higher monthly fees.The increase in house prices in 2022 will be accompanied by an increase in the individual prices of household items.
All these price increases are due to higher wages to attract employees after record job departures and pandemic-induced unemployment, which means that the economic outlook for next year may be uncertain.
The price of washing appliances such as washing machines and dryers also rose by 9.2%, while the cost of watches, lamps and decorations rose by 4.2%.
The method of bringing nature into dense urban areas and potentially blocking large gardens and yards has also led to price increases.The latest CPI shows that the price of indoor plants and flowers rose by 6.4%, and non-electric cookware such as pots and pans, cutlery and other tableware rose by 5.7%.
Everything the homeowner needs in life has become more expensive, even tools and hardware for simple maintenance have increased by at least 6%.Housekeeping products rose only slightly. Cleaning products rose by only 1%, while household paper products such as disposable napkins, tissues and toilet paper rose by only 2.6%.
The BLS report stated that “from November 2020 to November 2021, the actual average hourly income fell by 1.6% after seasonal adjustments.” This means that wages have fallen and the national inflation rate has pushed up almost The cost of all items.
Despite efforts to attract new workers, the U.S. dollar still depreciated, and from October 2021 to November 2021, real income fell by 0.4%.BLS data shows that compared with all costs, people have lower spending power.
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