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how to use them properly

Every item on this page has been hand-picked by House Beautiful editors.We may earn commissions for certain items you choose to buy.
When it comes to shopping, our choices are inspired by what we see.Whether it’s the thoughtful set designs from your favorite shows or the clever gadgets you’ve seen online, we’ll bring these ideas into our homes to see if they fit our lifestyles.There are thousands of storage tips and tricks on TikTok (some neat, others hugely wrong) that didn’t catch our eye, so we kept searching to find out which ones actually worked.In our deep dive into the home decor and organization aspects of the app, we found ideas that can be fully tested in our own space.These TikTok storage hacks are practical, innovative, and stylish enough to use at home.The best part?We sourced the products you need to work from home
No room for glassware on your bar cart?Install wine glass holders under cabinets!Struggling to keep your desk tidy?Use a magazine rack to clear it.These budget-friendly TikTok discoveries will make your space even better.Even if you’re renting or living in a small space, we’ve found the best TikTok storage tips to take with you.Here are low-lift tricks you can use at home year-round.You’ll be proud to say “TikTok made me buy it”.
If you find that your home office is full of brims in the storage bin, it’s time to start reorganizing!Stop trying your hardest for a paper.Instead, use a magazine rack to file your documents vertically for a seamless look.You can fake it until you do it with this clever trick.
This is the savior of the mistress beyond entertainment.This glassware rack looks chic under your cabinets and saves storage space for your counters and bar carts.It does not require any drilling of your kitchen cabinets to install.
From the shower to the kitchen, a simple floating shelf makes everything look better.You can choose a clear acrylic option to let your items pop off the wall, or choose a sturdy shelf to keep your preferred items on full display.
Whether you’re looking for a DIY labeling method for rice and pasta, or printing labels for spices, labeling items at home is one of the most popular trends on TikTok.Once you start, it’s hard to stop, so we recommend tidying up your kitchen pantry first!
With the Lazy Susan one spin does it all for you and never again lose product to the far corner under the bathroom sink.While these devices are often used in the kitchen, this TikTok hack breaks the rules and keeps any area of ​​your home tidy!
Create a fantastic grid of rattan or wicker boxes to keep your bedroom or living room spotless.Not only is this tip image great for sending in your family group chat, but it can actually effectively bring the design into your home.The open shelving grid of woven baskets has a laid-back vibe in function and style.
If your meal prep time is interrupted by pots rolling out of cupboards and random Tupperware lids, this expandable storage rack is your solution.This unit can be split into two shelves if you want to stack smaller items like plates and cups.

Post time: Jul-29-2022