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The maintenance method of rattan

The maintenance method of rattan


Avoid direct sunlight

The ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the rattan denaturated and brittle, and the long time of sunlight will make the white rattan furniture yellow, make the brown and shiny rattan furniture partially fade, and make the expensive bamboo rattan furniture dry, loose and detached. When direct sunlight may as well use translucent white gauze curtain to separate direct sunlight, protect rattan furniture at the same time, also does not affect indoor lighting.

Keep away from fire and heat sources

In the north, winter heating radiator is the enemy of rattan furniture. If the rattan seat is placed close to the radiator, the rattan close to the part has long been dry and brittle, toughness becomes poor, it is difficult to recover after sitting; Therefore, remember that rattan products and fire, heat sources are not close to, if you want to put hot pot on the rattan table, casseroles and other very hot food, must remember to put on the heat insulation pad.

Keep it ventilated

Mildew can easily develop in woven mesh. In the days with the sun, it is best to move the furniture clean to a drafty place to “blow”, can avoid mildew generation, keep dry. Do not require “dry” heart, lift it to the direct sun exposure, a tide a dry contrast, rattan is easy to quickly deformation and even fracture.

Avoid moisture deformation

The advantage of rattan furniture is that it will be fixed into its original shape after being deformed by moisture, and will return to its original shape and size after being blown dry or dried in the sun. Therefore, when rattan furniture is damp and sagging, we should find ways to reduce its load, cleverly and evenly support it, so that it can maintain the original woven shape and prevent gap deformation. If it is a seat, you can put a square stool or storage box under it across the vine surface to help support the vine surface, so that it slowly dry without deformation.


Peppercorns or chilli noodles can kill insects and prevent cavities, and do no damage to rattan tools. Stir-fry half a pepper and half a fine salt together, grind, plug into the cavity, and then wrap the cavity with a plastic sheet or a small plastic bag, so that the smell does not leak out. The same goes for the chili peppers. After 24 hours of insect-killing, unwrap the plastic sheet and partially flush the caries with boiling water to kill the remaining moths. Finally, dry with a soft towel to prevent the spread of moth. You can hang one or two small cloth bags mixed with fresh peppercorns and fine salt in the cabinet to prevent cavities.

Post time: Nov-14-2022