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What are the categories of furniture?

According to furniture material, use place, function and so on, the home has different classification way, now share with everyone general classification furniture.

1. Office furniture. Office furniture. Mainly: reception area furniture, conference room furniture, boss office furniture, staff office furniture, high partition, sofa office chair and so on.


2. Hotel furniture. Express hotel furniture, star hotel furniture. There are: public area reception leisure furniture, wardrobe, luggage rack, TV cabinet, book desk and chair, bed, bed frame, mattress, leisure sofa, leisure chair, tea table, table and so on.


3. Household furniture. Ambry wardrobe, shoe cabinet, partition cabinet, wine cabinet, bar counter, dining table and chair, sofa tea table, TV cabinet, background wall cabinet, desk, bookcase, child mother bed, tatami, hanging cabinet and so on.


4. School furniture. Student desks and chairs, Lecture platform, multi-media classroom tables and chairs, stair classroom tables and chairs, auditorium chairs, administrative office tables and chairs, laboratory furniture.


5. Dining furniture. Booth, coffee table, hot pot tables and chairs, fast food tables and chairs, revolving dining tables and chairs, etc.


Post time: Dec-01-2021