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What specific things are included in the furniture

What specific things are included in the furniture

             As we all know, halfway through the house decoration, people often begin to buy furniture supplies. So what specific things does furniture include?

First, furniture includes what specific things

1. Living room: sofa, tea table, TV cabinet, wine cabinet and decorative cabinet, etc. 2, bedroom: bed, wardrobe, dresser and hanger, etc. 3. Study: a complete set of desks and chairs, file cabinets. 4, kitchen: cabinet, range hood, cooker, refrigerator and microwave tableware, etc. 5, dining room: dining tables and chairs, side cabinets and bar.

Second, furniture purchase matters needing attention  

1, check the surface Put the hand on the furniture surface, carefully check whether the polishing surface is smooth and flat, especially to avoid the table foot and other parts rough, paint stripe and edge corner paint is too thick and there are cracks and other bubbles.

2, judge whether the furniture is really made of solid wood For example, the appearance of the cabinet door looks like a pattern, and then according to the changing position of the pattern, the pattern corresponding to the back of the cabinet door will be checked again. If correspond good, it is pure solid wood cabinet door. See scar again additionally also can identify a good method of pure wood directly, see that side place that has scar first, find another corresponding pattern again later, reach the stand or fall that can judge solid wood furniture so.

 3, judge what kind of tree is solid wood made It can affect price and quality directly, however furniture of common real wood chooses ju wood normally, ash wood, elm wood and catalpa wood and rubber wood to wait, and rare annatto furniture basically chooses hua pear wood, chicken wing wood, rosewood. Real wood furniture market is more chaotic, often have quality poor and puzzling tree species, had better choose the commodity that a few brands have, notice even at the same time namely, lumber price rises day by day, too then lumber nature is deceptive.


Post time: Jun-28-2022